Spring Break:2016 edition

Hello Beauties,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here but guess what I’M BACKKKKKK….. So I’m not going to waste your time let’s just jump right back into it. Its officially spring time YAY!!! Ok so if you didn’t know this is one of my favorite seasons along with Fall.  Spring is a time for expression and fun styles. I know that March and April are known for Spring Break for high school and college students. So I gathered some of my top picks for Spring Break 2016. Check it out :





Temp Fate Plunge Neck Dress

This dress is so cute if you’re going to a beach gathering at sunset. This exact dress can be found at Rebdolls.



Joan Metal Halter top and Farrah Floral Soft Shorts

This whole outfit screams cute and ready for fun in the sun. Both pieces can be found at A’Gaci. Just follow the links Joan Metal Halter Top and Farrah Floral Soft Shorts.




Venus Lace Interlock Maxi Dress

I picked this dress because it screams dinner ready. Its cute and flirty and sure to turn heads. This Maxi dress can be found at GSlove.



Asymmetric Overlay Mini Dress 

This dress is cute for brunch and a day filled of shopping while hitting up all of the must see places. Pinkclubwear sells this dress and ladies their prices are so reasonable.



Anna Sleeveless Denim Dress

This dress is perfect for the last chill day of the trip . At this point you just want to relax and take in the scenery and this Boohoo piece will get the job done .

I would be a horrible person if I didn’t add my top bathing suit pick take a peek:


This bathing suit is so cute and beach ready. It can be found at Swimsuitsforall. I absolutely love their suits because they compliment so well. Check out ” It’s getting Hot in here:Swimsuit Edition“featuring them and how their swimsuits compliment me :). But you can click this link to view this suit directly.


Well there you have it Beauties. Please leave your comments and tag your spring break edition outfits.



Are you water READY?

Hey Beauties,

In preparation for the warm weather, every Double Digit Beauty should have the perfect swimsuit. So Below I’ve picked my out my favorites for you gorgeous gals. Take a peek :






http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/Swim-Sexy-Black-and-White-Monokini-with-Hardware?p=4315). They have a great selection for our Double Digit curves.

I love this time of the year because I love water and I’m so ready to put on a cute suit and jump in the water are you?

Until Next time Beauties


Black and White it Must be RIGHT!

Hey Beauties,

So everyday this week I’ve been seeing black and white clothing whether its dress, blazers, shirts , or my favorite the TROUSERS! Yall when I say the trousers have been coming across my eyesight everyday …I literally mean EVERYDAY. So of course I’ve been on the hunt to find some in my DOUBLE DIGIT SIZE . I have found some and will be rocking these very soon! Take a look


Now for my DDB’s(Double Digit Beauties) I found these at ASOS Curve…..I just compared the plus size version to the regular size version . Let me add that this type of trouser is consider a most wearable Spring 2014 fashion trend!

Until next time Beauties