Holiday Season: GStageLove Dress Edition

Hey Double Digit Beauties,

Long time no speak, oh how I’ve missed you all 🙂 .

I thought it would be so cool to come back and give you all my top 10 dress choices for the 2015 holiday season. All of my selections are from GStageLove. It has straight sizes and also plus sizes.

As we all know November-December months are the times where holiday parties are being scheduled. Whether an office party or a family tradition you still aim to look the best dressed in the room. Take a peek at my top 10 GStageLove dress choices:


dress 1

Elegant Sparkle Mesh Dress


dress 2

Long Sparkle Dress 


dress 3

Shredded Sleeve Midi Dress


dress 4

Effortless Velvet Midi Dress


dress 5

Shiny Leaf High Slit Dress


dress 6

Revealing Ribbed Long Dress


dress 7

High Slit Sequin Dress


dress 9

Twisted Back Body-con Dress


dress 10

Floral Lace Web Dress



Elegant Low Cut Gown

So there you have it my top 10 2015 Holiday Season Top 10 Dress picks. Which one will you wear? Stay tuned for more top picks from yours truly!

Until next time beauties!



Its Getting Hot In HERE: Swimsuit Edition

Hey Beauties,

So I’m back to show off some of my swimsuit faves and looks. First off let me give a round of applause to the 2015 swimwear collections across the Plus Size community thus far. I’m just so in love that I will be purchasing so many different styles and colors, it’s only right!

So just recently I went on a 4 day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas with Carnival Fantasy. And of course I had to tryout some new and daring swimsuits.

My first look was put together with pieces from Rue21 Plus and Monif C.


The top is no longer available on the website 😦 But I’m sure it will be back because of popular demand. But you can take a look at some of their collection by clicking below

Rue21 Plus

The bottoms are apart of Monif C’s Sea collection and it’s called “Sao Paulo” High-Waisted Plus Size Bikini Brief-Neon Green. Lucky for you they are still in stock and ready for purchase …FYI they have different colors as well. Just click the link below.

Sao Paulo High Waisted Plus Size Bikini Brief

Also I was browsing on Swimsuitsforall and stumbled across Gabifresh For Swim Sexy swimsuits. I instantly fell in love but then I found this Chevron lovely two piece that I just had to have. And honey believe me it was worth every dime. The top supported me well and also the bottoms provided great support. It was such a head turner!!! Take a look below



The bathing suit itself can be found at the link below


The coverup dress is from my favorite place Forever21 plus. A similar coverup can be found at the link below

Floral Crochet CoverUp

So there you have it Beauties my favorite swimwear picks to kick off the summer season.

Be sure to comment, like and  ask any questions.

Until next time Beauties


Oh no Charlotte Russe didn’t….


Greetings Beauties,

I hope you all have been doing good. I’ve been hanging in there.But let me get to the point, so Charlotte Russe definitely has a plus size section on their website. PAUSE…where have I been? because I did not know this , I guess I have been living under a rock or something but yes they do. I have not ordered anything from them yet so Im not to sure about their quality of clothing but apart of me is a little eager to find out. But lets not be fooled there pants/jeans only go up to a size 16 and shirts to a 2x so dont get too excited. I guess they haven’t officially “crossed over” to selling plus size in its entirety. One day I’m sure it could happen  because if they haven’t realized or open their eyes PLUS SIZE OR FULL FIGURED IS IN! Im so in love with all of my plus size body …what about you?

If you have tried Charlotte Russe plus size clothing leave a comment below and let me know how the quality is and how you like it .

Until next time beauties!


Oh the weather outside is…… Getting COLD!

Hey Beauties,

So as we know the weather is changing. So its time to bring out the cute BUT warm Jackets/Coats etc. I personally love knee length coats, they keep my entire body warm and I’m still fashionable while doing so. I decided  to give you a few ideas and to help jump start your Fall/Winter outside gear I’ve listed a few suggestions down below


First up is from none other than Torrid


I think every girl should have a Peacoat don’t you think?


Im so in love with white in the winter so of course a white coat is a MUST


This Parka just speaks to me I love it so much it has to be mine.

3.  Lane Bryant has really been “WOWING” me lately and I’m not ashamed to say so. When I laid eyes on the beauty I had to really take a moment to reflect LOL. Check it out


I dont know if its the belt or the design but it really caught my eye and its still there.


Ok so I must stop and say this….Ive always loved the look of Trench Coats but never tried one out . Im not sure if Im afraid of how it may look on me or what but I think its time to put that fear aside and take a walk on the Trench side and I may try this one from my fave ASOS


The color is so nice and paired with the right Shoe man oh man this could be something spectacular.


Although its getting colder and we need to be bundled up to combat the cold. I do believe all beauties should have that little black leather jacket to throw on for a night on the town. So with that being said I have came across an amazing jacket take a look


We all know the Forever 21 has awesome clothes for my Double Digit Beauties, however sometimes the fit of the clothing sometimes isn’t always right(I can definitely speak on that). I want to purchase but I’m afraid that I’ll be disappointed but I’m willing to try. Are YOU?

Ok beauties there you have it. I have listed some hot Coats to keep you warm and fashionable. Let me know what you think by leaving comments below. Also dont forget to like .

Until next time *Kisses*


Do you have what it takes to be Hooked Up?

Hey Double Digit Beauties,

How much do you like shapewear?Well I love shapewear. Do you think that you have what it takes to be a Model? I think I have great model potential !!! If you feel the same way then HookedUp Shapewear is looking for a Model, and you could be the lucky winner! Three simple ways to enter:Image

1. In 50 words or less why you would like to win HookedUp Shapewear AND want to be their first model of the month.

2. Include ONE – that’s one – photo of you, in color, full body shot, with clothes on, facing the camera. Professional photos NOT necessary.

3. Must be 18 or older

This contest closes February 28, 2014 at midnight.

Visit the website to enter before the deadline Beauties


Double #TBT

Okay Double Digit Beauties I’m in a great mood tonight so I feel its only right that I do a double post  Check out my #TBT number 2:

trey concert

So this outfit was when I went to the Trey Songz Concert Spring 2012. What an amazing night , Trey does it to me every time. Please excuse my bed “Life of a College student” lol. This outfit was the cheapest outfit by far. But I felt so cute as always! So with this skirt I didn’t like how the zipper was located in the back so instead I twisted it to the front, and it made it fit all the better….Beauties you should try it sometimes.

Cami- Wal-Mart

Cream Vest- My grandpa’s Closet

Peach skirt- Target

Cheetah Belt- Target


Tan Boots-Underground Station

I have a ton of #TBT can’t wait for next thursday.. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments… 🙂


Fine Lines with ASOS


If you have yet to get on the ASOS train, Nows the time to do so. They carry trendy reasonable priced double digit clothing and ALWAYS has great deals âž• free shipping both ways. Check out the 60% off dress deals today. And below are just some of my faves.

Be sure to pair this with a pop of color maybe a bright lip or shoe! #turnheads




CAUTION Must have a fierce attitude when rocking 👆 beauty!