Oh the weather outside is…… Getting COLD!

Hey Beauties,

So as we know the weather is changing. So its time to bring out the cute BUT warm Jackets/Coats etc. I personally love knee length coats, they keep my entire body warm and I’m still fashionable while doing so. I decided  to give you a few ideas and to help jump start your Fall/Winter outside gear I’ve listed a few suggestions down below


First up is from none other than Torrid


I think every girl should have a Peacoat don’t you think?



Im so in love with white in the winter so of course a white coat is a MUST


This Parka just speaks to me I love it so much it has to be mine. 


3.  Lane Bryant has really been “WOWING” me lately and I’m not ashamed to say so. When I laid eyes on the beauty I had to really take a moment to reflect LOL. Check it out


I dont know if its the belt or the design but it really caught my eye and its still there.



Ok so I must stop and say this….Ive always loved the look of Trench Coats but never tried one out . Im not sure if Im afraid of how it may look on me or what but I think its time to put that fear aside and take a walk on the Trench side and I may try this one from my fave ASOS


The color is so nice and paired with the right Shoe man oh man this could be something spectacular.



Although its getting colder and we need to be bundled up to combat the cold. I do believe all beauties should have that little black leather jacket to throw on for a night on the town. So with that being said I have came across an amazing jacket take a look


We all know the Forever 21 has awesome clothes for my Double Digit Beauties, however sometimes the fit of the clothing sometimes isn’t always right(I can definitely speak on that). I want to purchase but I’m afraid that I’ll be disappointed but I’m willing to try. Are YOU?


Ok beauties there you have it. I have listed some hot Coats to keep you warm and fashionable. Let me know what you think by leaving comments below. Also dont forget to like .

Until next time *Kisses*



Tis the Season….. Hot new fashions for the Holiday Season

Hey Beauties,

How are you guys doing? Good…Great! As we gear up for the holiday season its only right to look just FABULOUS!!!! So I have found the cutest little outfits for the perfect holiday and also a certified head turner when you walk through take a look. These are my Top 3 take a peek:

If you aren’t familiar with Rum and Coke go and familiarize your self NOW! They have just released their holiday collection and amongst them is this amazing yet bold maxi length skirt:


Ladies this piece goes up to a 3X don’t miss out for more details click the link  http://www.shoprumandcoke.com/product/carrie

Next up is this so edgy yet daring piece that will definitely have you feeling like the life of the party:


I dont know about you beauties but Ashley Stewart is really giving me all my life with there holiday collection and the lingerie collection for more about this dress click the link


(Psst its actually on SALE ladies )

I love color and I love Red so this next pick from my favorite place ASOS really had me thinking hard about purchasing. This skater Dress is so flirty and cute it just makes me happy:


ASOS always leaving me wanting to order more no matter what budget I set for my self for info on this piece click the link


Ladies these are my personal faves feel free to find your ans dont forget to share with us!

P.S I know I haven’t been sharing with you in a while but I promise to do better!