Walking on the CONFIDENT Side

Hey Double Digit Beauties,

Just a quick update so I wore my black crop top from Dots that I had bought a few weeks back. I paired it with a black white strip pant from ASOS, and a turquoise blazer. I felt cute, fashionable, and gorgeous! Take a peek:


It’s not the best pic, next one will be a better post . I really just wanted to show that I actually wore the crop top!

Until next time



SURVEY ALERT! Calling all Double Digit Beauties


Hello Beauties,

Ok beautiful people please take the time out to take a survey geared towards the plus size community. Your feedback is really important. I will be taking it will YOU? The link is below!


Are you water READY?

Hey Beauties,

In preparation for the warm weather, every Double Digit Beauty should have the perfect swimsuit. So Below I’ve picked my out my favorites for you gorgeous gals. Take a peek :






http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/Swim-Sexy-Black-and-White-Monokini-with-Hardware?p=4315). They have a great selection for our Double Digit curves.

I love this time of the year because I love water and I’m so ready to put on a cute suit and jump in the water are you?

Until Next time Beauties


Breaking News:Bye-Bye DOTS


Hey beauties,
So this past weekend I was out and about and I rode past a sign that said
store closing 20-50% off and everything must go and at the top of the sign it said DOTS . Fighting the urge to stop and go in I drove right past . On Monday I saw the exact same sign at a different Dots location closer to my house. This time I couldn’t fight the temptation I had to go see what steals I can find, and also find out just why Dots was closing. Before I started my obsession I kindly pulled an associated over and asked just what’s the deal with Dots and in one sentence she said

“Dots filed for bankrupt”


So after that I went on to continue shopping and I found some cute spring essentials. One of them being some magenta slide on shoes .Check the others below :

Size 3x true to size I got it big so I can have room when I zip it up! Looks amazing on!

Here goes another crop top, beauties I told you this year be bold! I know Iam going to be!


And I couldn’t leave this behind but I made a mistake not realizing. That I ordered one from ASOS also ehh I may have to sell it because all sales were final!

If you want more about why Dots filed bankrupt you can google it or visit on your mobile phone the following site Bloomberg

Until next time beauties